I have taught many people of all ages and abilities to play the fiddle - from complete novices, to those wanting to refine their skills, build repertoire, learn a new genre or overcome bad habits.  Whatever your level or needs, developing your musicality on an instrument can be a very rewarding and adventurous lifetime endeavor..  

I provide information on the musical genre and assistance in how to play the instrument effectively, while being guided by your musical choices and learning style.  Lessons are structured to develop practice skills by devoting  time to practice techniques and teaching self-observation and self-analysis skills.

Through learning an instrument and genre you’re excited about, I’ll help you understand basic music theory, the structure of the tunes and provide ear training so that you can develop musicality and acquire the tools you need to learn new repertoire on your own.

One of the most important and fulfilling aspects of playing an interactive form of traditional music is the social rewards of playing with other people and building lifelong friendships within a cohesive community.  We live in an era that can be very isolating, with people spending increasing amounts of time in passive pursuits, such as movies, television, and video games, and less time interacting with people.  Traditional music communities have informal jams in houses, restaurants, festivals and camps all across the country.  Most musicians that I know watch way less TV and spend more time with friends than typical non-musicians.  I will help you access the traditional music community, including providing information on and field trips to local jams, as well as camps, festivals and concerts.  

I host occasional Guided Jams for my students designed to provide the opportunity to play familiar tunes with others and develop ensemble skills in a supportive environment.  Other players are always welcome to join us!

Contact me to set up an introductory lesson and begin a new adventure.